Petitioning at White House website for Trump Administration to Secure American Prosperity through Climate Action

Within seconds of the hand hitting the Bible, "climate" disappeared from the White House website as @TeamTrump seized control from the Obama Administration.  In its place, a truthiness-laden paean to fossil fuels that simply ignores the accelerating energy revolution sweeping the world.  No mention of plunging LED, solar, wind, and other 'clean-energy' prices as their market penetration skyrockets.  No discussion of the >$50 trillion market opportunity in these and other climate-action business opportunities.

There are some holdovers from the Obama Administration on the White House website, including the ability to petition the Administration.

With the above in mind, climate returned to the White House website with the following petition:

U.S. trade partners and economic competitors are finding clean energy (solar, wind) and energy efficiency to be strongly boosting their economies and increasing competitiveness while leading to cleaner air and water for their people. China has recently announced plans to invest $350 billion (BILLION) in clean energy while creating 13 million jobs by 2020.

With each passing day, clean energy options are becoming less expensive and increasingly (far) lower cost than traditional, polluting fossil-fuel energy options.

The Trump Administration can fulfill its pledge to protect air/water, create jobs, and boost the economy through serious climate action.

Trump White House petitions have already made, four days into the Administration, the news cycle. The first petition to exceed 100,000 signatures called on Trump to release his taxes leading to a spokesperson to renounce his campaign pledge to release them.

While a petition for prosperity through climate action is unlikely to change Administration policy, it could spark discussion. Enough of a value to merit a signature ...