Petr Svacha Chainsaws Hole Into Restaurant So He Can Finish His Pudding: Cops

Man Chainsaws Hole In Restaurant So He Can Finish Pudding: Cops

Hell hath no fury like a man denied the last few bites of pudding.

Especially if that man is Petr Svacha, a 36-year-old man in Zlin, Czech Republic.

Svacha was eating in a restaurant recently when employees told him to leave because it was closing time -- even though he wasn't finished with his chocolate pudding.

The Czech wasn't pleased, but he apparently got his "just desserts" shortly thereafter.

Officers say Svacha he came back to the eatery, this time with a chainsaw, and cut a hole into the restaurant, reported.

"He sliced a hole in the door, climbed inside and went to his table, but when he grabbed the half-finished dessert he was overpowered by a waiter and handed over to police," Zlin police spokesman Ales Mergental said, according to Orange News.

If convicted, Svacha could spend a year in prison.

This isn't the first time that chainsaws have chopped their way into the weird news section.

In June, Lynn Marie Herzog of Winfield, Mo., was arrested after allegedly trying to scare children by approaching them with a chain saw while wearing a ski mask.

Last November, Stephen Bates, 28, was arrested in Stuart, Fla. after he allegedly threatened his neighbor, Mark Fuller, first with a knife and then a chain saw. However, he was unable to start the chain saw.

In July, 2012, Lindsay Medd Stevens was arrested by police in Knoxville, Tenn., for indecent exposure after his neighbor saw him cutting a tree down with a chainsaw -- while completely in the buff.

In August, 2011, Dean Dinnen, 24, was arrested in August after he entered a UK bar with a chainsaw, threatening customers and obliterating every object in his path.

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