Petros Vrellis Makes Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' Interactive

Interactive 'Starry Night' Brings The Painting To Life

Imagine being Vincent Van Gogh. Imagine giving form to "Starry Night" with your hands. With the help of Petros Vrellis, playing the artist instead of the observer is now possible.

The Greek artist created an interactive template of "Starry Night" -- through the use of open source C++ toolkit openFrameworks, Vrellis made a touch interface that allows the viewer to repaint the piece of art.

As the viewer drags his finger across the painting, the dashed oil lines react, creating a river-like effect of blues and golds over the night sky. With each brushstroke movement, a soft note of ambient music rings out as well.

The work that went into creating such an elaborate piece of art is impressive. Vrellis took a piece with a seemingly unsurpassable amount of artistic merit, and breathed new life into it.

Watch a video of Pteros Vrellis' "Starry Night" interactive:

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