Pets In Politics: 13 Animals Who Ran For Office (PHOTOS)

If you don't find the presidential showdown between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama entertaining enough, just imagine if there were non-human candidates in the mix, like a cat or a dog. Because there are!

While we're not expecting Satchel the dog or Hank the cat to make it anywhere near the White House in 2012, we can still laugh at the fact that more pets have entered politics than we previously thought possible. Did you know that a mule was once elected as a Precinct Committeeman? Or that a Texas border town elected three beer-drinking goats as mayor? For decades, animals have run for office, sometimes as an elaborate joke, sometimes for reasons more sincere. The real kicker is, many of them actually win.

Check out our 13 favorite animal "politicians" in the slideshow below and vote for your favorites!

Satchel 2012?

Political Pets

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