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15 Pets Who Are Totally The Masters Of Their Own Domains

Pets take lounging around pretty seriously. And while they often choose to chill out in some peculiar places, nothing stands in the way of them enjoying their downtime -- not even a pristine couch or a perfectly made bed.

So while you've might have mentally blocked the memory of Fluffy (and his fur) snuggling in your clean laundry, retrospect can teach us two things: One, it probably wasn't as bad as it seemed in the moment. Two, he was likely very comfortable with his decision. And as these pictures show, he's in good company.

Courtesy Andre Tirenin
Teddy (as a puppy) helping my hubby (Paul Morin) work from home.
Aisling Cohn
Husband and our toy poodle, Pinky.
Lisa Henley and Pooh, selfie taken by Pooh.
Danielle Walker
This is me and Frank, poster girl for rescue dogs
Kate Schimpf
Sloan and Duke (Sloan had been traveling in Alaska and Duke is welcoming him home, at the PHL airport, in this photo)
Katherine Norley
Kate, Sloan & Duke
Vicki Meholick
Me and my boy, Casey.
Mike Craig
This is a selfie of BearBear and his parents Mike & Susie. We used this as our Christmas card. Bear is an eight-year-old old Cockpoo and the love of our life!!
Collette Bakko
John McClement
Here's a picture of me and Benny. He's nearsighted.
Lesia McNamee
Me and the best pet ever, Abby.
Lori Austen
Shawnee, 14-years-old.
Ruth Krieger
This is me (Ruth) and our cat, Murphy.
Eddie and Lola Fernandez!!
Peggy Donnellan
Peg & Taffy
Cecile Caldarise
Selfie of me and Tommy.
Erin Taylor
This is me (Erin) and my sweet bloodhound Parsons :) He is the best dog ever!
Deanna Roy
Deanna Roy & Dora
Sarah Daniels with Bubba
Merrit Malloy
Me (Merrit Malloy) and my 'Yellow Boy."
Merrit Malloy
Peter Malloy with his boy, Murphy.
Mallery Turner
Count Rugen in my lap and his sister Panthra in the box behind us.
B. Gooding
French Bulldogs, Pippa and Petite, split their time between San Francisco and Paris.