These People Got To Spend A Day With Some Cute Animals, And It Was Pure Bliss

Photographs and videos captured during PetSmart's Inspiration Waggin' tour prove just how powerful and beautiful a simple snuggle from a furry friend can be.

The multi-city tour, which took place last month, saw people who don't usually get the opportunity to enjoy a pet's company -- including seniors at a Texas retirement center, kids at an Arizona children's hospital and sailors docked for Fleet Week in New York City -- sharing special moments with some adorable animals.

“The purpose of the Inspiration Waggin’ tour is to bring pet-inspired moments to people across the country,” said PetSmart CEO David Lenhardt in a press release prior to the tour's launch.

The tour aims to bring the benefits of "a wagging tail and some unconditional love" to people of all stripes, according to the release, in the hopes of making "even the most regular of days better."

Studies have shown that spending time with a pet can lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, reduce stress and lower your risk of depression, among many other health benefits. Plus, as anyone who's smooched a pooch or stroked a cat's pretty face will know, getting loved on by an animal just feels oh-so-great.

Just look at the pictures and video above if you don't believe us.



Health Benefits Of Pets