Peyton Manning Hints At Possible Retirement After AFC Championship

He turns 40 years old in March.

The Denver Broncos quarterback suggested just that at the end of Sunday's AFC Championship Game win over the New England Patriots. Manning met up with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick near midfield after the game to exchange a few words, and the cameras and microphones captured the quarterback saying how "this" (whatever that means) may be his "last rodeo."

Considering Manning's slew of injuries since 2011, diminishing arm strength, and age, it wouldn't be surprising if Super Bowl 50 was his last hurrah.

He accumulated less than 2,300 yards passing yards in the 10 regular season games he played during the 2015 season, and he threw for almost twice the amount of interceptions as touchdowns in that span. 

There is only so much the 39-year-old quarterback can physically take. And it sounds like after Super Bowl 50, Manning might have taken all he can. 



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