P&G Does It Again With A Thank You To The 'World's Toughest Moms'

A Thank You For The 'World's Toughest Moms'

And you found yourself misty at the traditional "Thank You Mom," ad from P&G which aired during the Olympics? The one that showed tiny, spunky athletes as they grew into champions while their mothers were there to lend a hand?

Well consider that ad a warm-up to this latest -- in the same way the Olympic games, which end in Sochi this weekend, are a curtain raiser to the Paralympic games, which begin there on March 7.

This second ad -- to be officially released later today -- also thanks Mom. "You could have protected me," the narrator -- who happens to be be American Amy Purdy, the highest ranked adaptive snowboarder in the world. "You could have taken every hit. You could have turned the world upside down so I would never feel pain. But you didn't. You gave me my freedom. Because you were strong. And now, so am I."

Them's soaring words for every parent, but particularly moving when accompanied by video of children who are missing limbs, growing into adults who barrel past obstacles.

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