Little Boy Rockin' A Sparkly Fedora Shows Up Pharrell On Stage At Concert

Getchya life, little dude!

At a Pharrell concert in Leeds, England last Friday, 7-year-old Dylan Barraclough totally stole the show with some spectacular dance moves.

Pharrell invited youngsters at the show to come on stage for his performance of "Happy," and Dylan really went for it. Watch him in the video above showing off some sweet spins, turns and a killer moonwalk -- all while wearing a super fly, sparkly black fedora. Yas, Dylan!

Dylan’s dad, who took the video, can be heard in the background whooping it up for his son, calling out “That’s my boy! That’s my boy!”

“I must admit I got a little lost in the moment,” he wrote on YouTube. “I do feel slightly embarrassed when watching it back now but let's be's not everyday your child gets to dance on stage with a global superstar and wow the audience.”

Wow the audience, he did. And Dylan knows he’s got the moves.

“I was a little bit excited and I thought it was really good for my first gig,” the 7-year-old told Yorkshire Evening Post. “I just made it up as I went along, and Pharrell gave me a high-five at the end.”

We can all just sit down now.



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