Anime Pharrell (And His Hat) Star In New Takashi Murakami Music Video

It's hard to say which is the bigger star in Pharrell's latest music video: Pharrell, or Hatsune Miku, the virtual Japanese "pop sensation" who does not physically exist:

geyser 1

The video, directed by "superflat" artist Takashi Murakami, is really all about questions. Where exactly in space is this insane dance party happening? Is anime Pharrell more adorable than real Pharrell? Also, given his perfect hat, is an anime Vivienne Westwood far behind?

Scoring this bundle of mysteries is Pharrell's remix of "Last Night, Good Night," a Miku original written by a robot known as livetune, Miku's regular composer. It appears in Murakami's new film, Jellyfish Eyes, a post-tsunami fantasy about a dangerous extraterrestrial race of imaginary "friends."

For the video's premiere on the Creator's Project earlier this week, Murakami described "Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)" to Vice thusly:

"Somewhere in the eternity of outer space, Pharrell, Miku, and the composer of the song, livetune, are describing my film, Jellyfish Eyes, to a seemingly heartless robot audience. Somehow the film's message manages to reach the robots emotionally and cross the boundaries of time and space."

"We both seem to be kids living in grown up bodies," Pharrell added.

The two have collaborated before, on a jewel-encrusted sculpture titled Simple Things, which showed in 2012 at Art Basel.

Murakami tells Vice that this time around, Pharrell limited his visual input to "the outfit his character wears." Which is good, because animated Vivienne Westwood hat.



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