Michael Phelps Recreates His 'Angry Michael Phelps Face' On 'The Tonight Show'

Yes. It's still terrifying.

Swimmer Michael Phelps recreated his “angry Michael Phelps face” in all its terrifying intensity on “The Tonight Show” Thursday night.

Host Jimmy Fallon pulled out a cardboard cutout of Phelps screwing up his face prior to the 200-meter butterfly semifinal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The image became an internet meme, and the 23-time Olympic gold medalist couldn’t resist making the expression again.

It was almost as scary as the first time.

Phelps, who’s since revealed he was listening to Future’s track “Stick Talk” when he was caught on camera, said he also had an inkling that the images would go viral.

“As I’m making a face, I was like, ‘yep, that’s on camera. Someone will pick that one up tomorrow,’” Phelps told Fallon, who later challenged the now-retired sportsman to a game of egg Russian roulette.

See how that went down here: