Could-Be Phil Jackson On A City Bus Is The Beaten Commuter In All Of Us

Whether it's really him or not is beside the point.

A photo that appears to show New York Knicks president Phil Jackson riding a New York City bus is on a viral roll.

But whether this truly is the 6-foot-8 executive folded into a seat isn’t really the point. Given Jackson’s recent troubles ― a crappy team, a tense relationship with team star Carmelo Anthony and the breakup of his long-term relationship with Lakers President Jeanie Buss ― the image invited a full-court press of memes on Wednesday into Thursday.

The jokes are definitely not as tough to grasp as the Zen Master’s triangle offense.

The image appears to date back to at least November, but now is as good a time as any to pick on the beleaguered ― yet highly paid ― sports executive.



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