Phil Kent, Georgia GOP Appointee, Ready For 'Cultural War' Following DOMA Ruling

Phil Kent, a Republican appointed to the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Board by Gov. Nathan Deal (R), dismissed same-sex couples seeking marriage equality as "sob stories" on Sunday.

"It's a sad day in America because this does dynamite the foundations of our Judeo-Christian system," Kent said Sunday on the local Fox program "The Georgia Gang," referring to the Supreme Court's recent decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. "It's going to be a cultural war in Georgia and every other state to try to undo this wrong."

When Deal appointed Kent to a new immigration board in 2011, his decision drew public criticism. Some called Kent's views on multiculturalism extreme, and thousands signed a petition asking Deal to remove Kent from the board.

Kent also took heat when he criticized the U.S. for resettling Somali refugees in America, calling Somalis a "primitive people."

On Sunday, he derided the "sob stories" coming from same-sex couples seeking marriage equality. He argued that they could have sought civil unions instead, and said that comparing the fight for same-sex marriage to civil rights is "offensive to African Americans."

Kent concluded, "I hope the pagans in the left's values do not prevail because that's not the Judeo-Christian culture that made this country great."

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