Claudia Rendon, Pa. Mom, Fired After Taking Off To Donate Kidney To Son (VIDEO)

After using up her vacation days to take care of her dying mother, Claudia Rendon took a leave of absence to donate a kidney to her sick son. But, when she was well enough to return to work, Rendon found out she had been replaced, reports.

"Everything was coming down all at once,” Caludia Rendon told Fox 29. “I felt like the best thing that happened to me this whole entire year was that God gave me the blessing of being able to give my son my kidney."

After taking time off to take care of her ailing mother who recently passed away, Rendon’s father was diagnosed with leukemia, her father died and her son’s kidneys started to fail. Without hesitation, Rendon decided to take a leave of absence from her job at the Aviation Institute Of Maintenance, in Northeast Philadelphia. Her boss forced her to sign an agreement saying that her job wouldn’t be guaranteed on return. When Rendon tried to get her job back last week, her supervisor showed her the door.

"She saved my life basically,” says Alex Rendon. “Who else can say their mom gave them life two times?"


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