Philadelphia Sinkhole Looks Like It Has Radioactive Ooze In It, But It's Just Fluorescent Dye (PHOTO)

'Ooze' Spotted In Philly Sinkhole

Ninja Turtles fans, relax: It's not retromutagen ooze. Phillies fans, relax: The Phanatic does not have dysentery. Redditors, relax: You can still give photographer Steven Reitz the karma he deserves for his photo of a Philadelphia sinkhole and its suspicious-looking contents.

Just everyone, relax: This sinkhole on Randolph Street near Girard Avenue, which has reportedly now been boarded over, is filled with water tinged with some fluorescent dye that official-agency types apparently use to trace water flow. That kind of thing is useful in studying sinkholes, since they can be much larger than they initially seem.

"Or maybe you are ground zero for a government experiment and your neighbors will soon hear thoughts or see short glimpses of the future, and possibly an old grizzled cop, his frail but self-sufficient love interest, and a small boy with learning disabilities will save the day!" Reddit user Shaysdays postulated.

Personally, we're hoping it's Ninja Turtles.

This article has been updated to include the photographer's full name at his request.

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