Philadelphia Using Grease To Keep Eagles Fans From Climbing Street Lamps

The city workers are calling themselves the "Crisco Cops."

The Philadelphia Eagles host the Minnesota Vikings for football’s NFC championship game Sunday night, and the city of brotherly love is making sure the hometown fans stay safe and grounded.

City workers, being humorously referred to as the “Crisco Cops,” began greasing light poles Sunday morning to keep fans from scaling them tonight after the game.

Whether Eagles fans will feel the need to celebrate a win or let out the frustration of a loss remains to be seen, but Philadelphia would prefer that they not do it on the city’s street lamps.

The NFC title game has already been marred by violence as riot police were called to the Eagles’ stadium parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field after a massive fight broke out Sunday afternoon.

Energy is running high, as Minnesota sports reporter Ryan Shaver discovered after following some Vikings fans around the Philly parking lot.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been without an NFC title since 2004, the Minnesota Vikings since 1976. One of those droughts will end Sunday night when they play in Philly at 6:40 EST.

Here’s hoping, whatever the outcome, people stay safe and remember that ultimately this is still just a game.