Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will Names Longtime Partner Mimi O'Donnell Sole Beneficiary

Hoffman and O'Donnell met in 1999 while both were working on the set of the play "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings," and have three children together. TMZ claims to have obtained a copy of the late actor's will, which was drawn up in 2004, and reportedly stipulates that his son Cooper be raised in Manhattan, so that he can be surrounded by the everything the city has to offer.

If living in New York City proved impossible for the family, Hoffman requested that his son be raised in Chicago or San Francisco, or that Cooper visit these cities at least twice each year so he could soak up the cities' cultural offerings.

Hoffman's two younger children had not been born at the time he wrote his will, and thus are not mentioned. TMZ has interpreted the fact that Los Angeles is not included as a city suitable for his son as a sign he wanted to keep him far away from Hollywood, though it's not specifically stated as such in his will.



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