Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton Aide, Apologizes To Michael Hastings For 'F--k Off' Email

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton has apologized for his profane, angry exchange with Buzzfeed's Michael Hastings, Politico reported Monday.

Philippe Reines, a top State Department spokesman, was not at his most cheerful during a series of heated emails with Hastings over the department's response to CNN's use of a journal by Christopher Stevens, the late ambassador to Libya. Reines had called the network "disgusting" for its conduct, prompting an aggressive response from CNN. Many saw the State Department's attacks on CNN as over-the-top. Hastings was one of these critics. When he emailed some tough questions to Reines and accused him of peddling "bullshit," Reines told him to "fuck off" and "have a nice life." Buzzfeed promptly posted the entire exchange online.

Reines told Politico that, following the publication of the emails, he contacted Hastings and said he was sorry.



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