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Philippe Virgiti, Galliano's Accuser: 'I Don't Think He Is Racist'


Philippe Virgiti, one of John Galliano's accusers, spoke to Le Parisien on Thursday about the initial incident at the Parisian bar on February 24 and the subsequent lawsuit.

Identified only as Philippe, he says that the argument started after Galliano told the woman he was with, "Your voice is irritating, you're talking too loud."

An excerpt from the interview as translated by HuffPost:

Do you confirm that he made anti-Semitic remarks?

Yes. But, today, I am convinced that he didn't believe what he was saying. I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. Since the incident, I've learned about his work. I've seen that he put different cultures into his designs. I think that, more importantly, he is very sick and that, above all, he was provoked.

But, in the meantime, you've maintained your complaint?

Yes. I cannot do otherwise. The legal machine started and John Galliano filed a complaint against us. But all of this has truly traumatized us. During the week, we were panicked. We said, "The people are going to destroy us, they're going to burn us." Now it's passed. I didn't even know it was John Galliano. It was only the day after [the argument] that I realized it, when I opened my computer. There was such an outburst of media around this story. For me, it was a simple bar fight. John Galliano did not deserve this. I don't want him to be destroyed like that.

Paris' High Court is expected to set Galliano's court date on May 12, WWD writes.

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