Philippine President Used The Word 'Bitch' To Refer To Women At Gender Equality Event

Rodrigo Duterte also referred to the audience of female military and police as "crazy women."

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addressed a group of women as “bitch” on Monday during an award ceremony highlighting the work of female military and police.

The president referred to the largely female audience as “puta,” which translates to “bitch,” during a Monday ceremony for Outstanding Women in Law Enforcement and National Security, The Guardian reports. Duterte, who is infamous for his misogynistic and controversial remarks, later called the group of female security personnel “crazy women” during the ceremony, which took place at the Malacañang Palace in Manila. 

“You criticize every sentence or word I say,” he bemoaned to the female audience.

Duterte later tried to show how much he loved women by boasting about having multiple wives.

“I love women,” he said, according to The Guardian. “That’s why you see I have two wives. That means I like women.”

The president of the Philippines has been criticized repeatedly for his outlandish and crude remarks about women. Last year, he told soldiers to shoot female communist rebels in the vagina, adding that “if there is no vagina, it would be useless,” suggesting that without genitals, women are useless. In 2017, Duterte joked about taking personal responsibility for soldiers who rape up to three women. He’s also come under fire for pressuring a woman to kiss him on stage at an event in Seoul, South Korea.

During his presidential campaign in 2016, Duterte was discussing the 1989 gang rape and murder of an Australian missionary in Davao City when he lamented that he should have been “first” in line to rape her as the city’s mayor at the time.

“I was angry she was raped, yes that was one thing,” he said. “But she was so beautiful, I think the mayor should have been first. What a waste.”