Phillip Russell Threw Ostrich Egg At Wife, Sentenced To Six Months

SHEER 'EGG-ONY': Man Throws Ostrich Egg At Wife, Sentenced To Six Months

A New Zealand man has been sentenced to six months in jail for throwing an ostrich egg into his wife's chest.

Phillip Marau Glanville Russell, 47, was convicted of assault, according to,

The incident occurred after he lost his temper when his wife's pet pig damaged his saw to the tune of $2021.

According to police reports, Russell had repeatedly asked his wife of 20 years to keep the pet pig under control, but when he saw the damaged saw, he started yelling and spitting at her.

Then he grabbed an ostrich egg on the kitchen table and hurled it directly at her chest, reported.

Although Russell reportedly has a record of domestic violence, his lawyer told the court during an earlier hearing that he expected her to catch the egg.

Russell pled guilty to the charges, and is currently serving his sentence, reported.

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