Don't Expect To Watch Michael Vick Or The Eagles Play At This Philly Bar

Why One Philly Bar Won't Show The Eagles Games

Michael Vick probably has never been to Doobies, a neighborhood dive bar in Philadelphia. But if he were to show up, bar owner Patty Brett would kick the Eagles quarterback out faster than you can say "dog fighting ring."

Brett dislikes Vick so much that she has banned the team from her bar's TVs. The Eagles fan told Philadelphia's Newsworks she'll play games featuring any team but the Eagles until Vick gets dropped.

Her anger dates back to 2007, when Vick, a Falcons player at the time, pleaded guilty to federal felony charges implicating him in a dogfighting ring. After spending months in prison and having his suspension from the NFL lifted, he joined the Eagles in 2009.

While most Eagles fans seem to have come to terms with Vick's past, Brett has not. She hasn't played an Eagles game since they signed him.

"Because of what Michael Vick has done to those animals, I can't in good conscience support the Eagles while he's a member of the team," she told Newsworks. "He murdered and tortured animals and I can't forgive him for that."

Sure, it might lead to a decrease in business, but judging by the Doobie's Facebook page, patrons seem generally supportive.

"Good for you...those people who still support Sick Vick apparently have no idea what this psychopath did to those dogs. Bless you!" one bar patron writes.

"Thank you for taking a stand and holding strong," another adds. "Some things are neither forgivable nor forgettable."

And even when she disagrees, Brett has a knack for doing it with a smile. In response to one poster questioning the no-Eagles policy, she invites the man in for a beer and writes, "you BETTER stop in...or I'll hunt you down and make you watch internet cat videos for 24 hours straight!"

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