Philly: Ugly Clinton Victory Rally

PHILADELPHIA-- "This is a Hillary victory party, not an Obama loser party," shouted Mali Kigasari, a Clinton supporter from California. Hillary Clinton's victory rally at the Park Hyatt hotel in Philadelphia Tuesday night came after a long fought battle.

While she delivered an impassioned speech inside, hundreds of people gathered outside and filled the streets with chanting, and cheering.

Many were filled with emotion and some were angry. What will voters do in November if the candidate they support loses the nomination?

"I will not vote [for Obama] period," said Kigasari, who has voted Democrat for the last 25 years.

If Democrats are not united in the fall, Republicans will have another four years in the White House.

"I wouldn't vote at all," said Rasheed, a local reggae artist and Obama supporter.

"Either one would be a victory over Bush," said Eric Markel, a local musician who supports Obama but said he admired Clinton for her strength.

Polls cannot measure the emotion of voters in a historic election with the possibility of the first female president, and the first African American president.

"I will vote for McCain," said M.G. who came to Philadelphia from Georgia to volunteer for Clinton with her sister. Her sister agreed.

Outside the hotel Tuesday, people gathered together for their candidates, and chanted with vigor. As they stood opposite each on the street corner, they were a small visual representation of the possibility of divide within the Democratic Party.

Even though Clinton and Obama don't seem to like each other much, the longer this race continues, the harder it is to repair the damage.

"We're Democrats, we want the White House back," said Amen Brown, an Obama backer who said he would vote for Clinton if she won the primary.

A "dream ticket" may be the only solution?