Phoenix Feeley Public Nudity Case: New Jersey Court Rules Against Bare-Breasted Beach Goer (POLL)

N. J. Court To Women: Keep Your Top On (VOTE)

Ladies, consider yourselves warned: You best pack a shirt on your next visit to the Jersey shore.

A New Jersey appeals court considering the case of a Manhattan artist twice arrested for her failure to cover up says that going topless at the state's beaches is a violation of "the public's moral sensibilities," the Star-Ledger reports.

Phoenix Feeley, real name Jill Coccaro, brought the case forward after Spring Lake police arrested her twice in 2008 on charges that she violated a borough ordinance against public nudity.

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"I’m disappointed," said Feeley. "It seems like there’s such a headache over it, but not to be able to reveal my chest when a man can reveal his, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Therefore, I just do it naturally and I pay the consequences later."

Authorities fined Feely $750 for that first offense, according to ThirdAge.

The 31-year-old actually has a history of drawing the collective attention of by-passers, as well as the law. In 2007, New York City awarded the women's rights activist a $29,000 settlement two years after cops arrested her for walking topless through the Lower East Side, according the New York Daily News

Feeley says she intends to bring her current battle to the Supreme Court of New Jersey.


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