This New Phone Case Holds Your Perfume, But Why Stop There?

This New Phone Case Holds Your Perfume, But Why Stop There?

In a world saturated with Kickstarters and evolving technology, it seems like there is some kind of new must-have invention every day. Some we really want (sunglasses that text you, for one), some we don't understand and some we could think of a bunch of other uses for than what its intended use is.

Enter Atomyzer, the iPhone case that features a spraying mechanism, so you can take your perfume with you on the go. The product, which is currently posted on IndieGoGo, has the ability to spray up to 60 times. The creators hope to raise $20,000 to make your good-smelling phone dreams a reality.

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We're all about smelling good, and we understand the complications involved in carrying a bottle of perfume around with you everywhere you go, but if you're going to have something with you at all times that can dispense liquid at the touch of a button, we can think of some other, more exciting things to put in there besides perfume, like:

Water: Apparently, it's going to be one hell of a hot summer. Sixty sprays of water could be serve as a crucial cool down.

Air Freshener: This one is pretty self explanatory.

Hot Sauce: Boring desk lunch be gone!


Chocolate Sauce: Because everything is better with a little chocolate.

Spray Butter: Never waste precious preview time at the movies asking the concession stand to apply butter to your popcorn for you ...

Vodka: Liquid courage on the go!

Champagne: Unexpected celebration? No problem!


Mouthwash: Eat that garlic-y pasta with ease.

Coffee: Duh.

Nail Polish Remover: For those desk manicures you're always trying to sneak.

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Would you use a perfume-spraying phone case? Check out the crowdfunding video above and sound off below!

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