Phone Fails: The 9 Most Hilariously Awkward Moments For A Ringtone To Go Off (VIDEOS)

Whether you're giving a speech, performing a monologue, or playing a concert, getting thrown off by an obnoxiously loud cellphone ring is almost never a good thing. Perhaps the only exception is if you respond gracefully to such an interruption, as violist Lukas Kmit did earlier this year. Rather than tripping up in his performance, Kmit spit the Nokia ringtone right back out at the cellphone offender via his viola.

Of course, there are many other ways to handle such a situation, if you're not as clever as Kmit. We've seen public speakers call out offenders, musicians stop in mid-song, athletes get distracted in the middle of high-stakes matches; but our favorite reaction of all time has to be when an actor stays in character and incorporates the distraction into a performance.

Click through the slideshow to view the most awkward moments for cellphones to go off. Vote for the most awkward moment, and in the comments (below) tell us your most embarrassing story of a public cellphone fail.