This Smartphone Game Will Force You To Unplug At The Dinner Table (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Game Will Force You To Unplug At The Dinner Table

Are you guilty of texting, tweeting or sending emails at the dinner table? Many of us are -- but with a new unplugging game, your poor tech etiquette could leave you to pay the bill.

"Phone Stacking" is a game that makes everyone in the dinner party accountable to unplugging during their meal. Each participant puts his or her cell phone in the middle of the table, and whoever checks the device before the bill arrives gets stuck with the bill.

New York Times contributor Caroline Tell discussed the game during a HuffPost Live segment on Tuesday, telling host Caitlyn Becker that "whoever has to sneak a peak, has to pick up the tab."

Watch the clip above for more and check out the full video about Screen Sense on HuffPost Live.

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