Phone Usage: Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Smartphone?

In the past 20 years, the phone industry has managed to create amazing devices which seemed unreal a couple of years ago. These new tech advancements have made our lives a lot easier, and the fact that these tech solutions are available to everyone is truly amazing.

Still, there are also bad sides to this (as there are with everything), and one of the biggest issues here is that people get too attached to their smartphones. It is awesome to have all these tools, solutions or simply fun stuff you can do on your phone, but if you overdo it, you will cut out other important aspect of your life.

It is easy to get too attached with your phone, as it gives you the whole world underneath your fingertips, but does it really? Here are some of the signs that you are spending too much time using your smartphone.

1. You look at your phone while talking to someone

If you have a habit of taking out your phone and checking it while you are having a conversation with someone, then you probably spend way too much time on your phone. This is a clear red flag and you should stop doing this. People will hate you for being glued to your phone, as it is quite disrespectful. The people talking to you will get the feeling you are not interesting in what they have to say and, if you do this to someone a couple of times, chances are that that person is going to start avoiding you.

2. The first thing you do when you get somewhere is charge your phone

If your phone needs to be charged quite often, either your battery is not working well anymore, or you are using your phone all the time. Furthermore, if you catch yourself thinking about how you can plan your day so that you can always have a place to charge your phone, then you have a problem.

3. You fall asleep holding your smartphone

If you cannot let go of your smartphone even before you go to bed, and you like to put yourself to sleep while doing stuff on it, you'll need to make a few changes. This clearly shows that you are burdened with your device.

4. The first thing you do in the morning is check your phone

If your first impulse in the morning is to grab your phone and check if you have any messages, calls or notifications, it's a clear sign that you are too involved. A lot of people who do this have a habit of dreaming about using their smartphones as well.

5. Your phone bill is huge

Unless you are a businessman who has to make a lot of calls and phone conversations that are work related, your bill shouldn't be that high. You should look to cut down on conversations to
and talk to people in person. If you have a lot of conversations over the phone that aren't work-related, it doesn't mean that you are doing something good; it just means you prefer talking over the phone rather than directly to people.

6. You feel anxious when your phone is not with you

There is a great chance that you are addicted to your smartphone if you are unable to leave it out of your sight for any length of time. If you feel like you are missing or losing something when your phone is away from you for just a few minutes, than you clearly need a reality check.

These are some of the most common signs that show that you are addicted to your smartphone. There are many other signs, and if you notice them in your behavior, work on yourself to handle the problem.