Photo Essay -- Joe The Plumber At Midnight In Miami

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These pictures were taken last night at the John McCain rally at the University of Miami with a Kodak Easyshare, not the recommended camera for serious photo journalists.- Stephen Elliott

There's something interesting about the continual references to socialism by the McCain camp and the Red campaign. I support the Red campaign which combats AIDS in Africa, but apparently they've spent more on marketing than they've given away, which points to some of the fundamental flaws of outsourcing.

There were roughly five thousand McCain supporters in attendance, more than half were Cuban, many wearing t-shirts that read "Cuba got change in 1959. Be careful what you wish for."

Before he arrived we listened and danced to amazing live Cuban music.
McCain didn't arrive until almost 12:30, when he gave a quick speech about redistribution and fighting. He said that if elected he wouldn't be sitting down at the table to negotiate with dictators like the Castro brothers or Hugo Chavez.

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