PHOTO: Secret Guantanamo Listening Device Looks Like Smoke Alarm

WASHINGTON -- The website of the Office of Military Commissions on Monday posted a photo filed by defense attorneys for Guantanamo detainees that show one of the listening devices resembling a smoke detector present in rooms where suspected terrorists met with their lawyers.

A senior Guantanamo official testified last month that he was assured the device was not used to monitor communications between high-value detainees and their lawyers. The photo was filed by defense attorneys on Feb. 12 but was only posted to the website following a security clearance on Monday.

As Jason Leopold reported for Truthout, the units were manufactured by Louroe Electronics.

The judge running Guantanamo's court showed frustration back in January after it was revealed that an outside unidentified censor had the ability to cut off the feed of his courtroom. Read more about the current state of Guantanamo here.

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