Here's Why These Palestinians Protected An Israeli Policewoman

"For me a person is a person. A life of a person is important."

Two Palestinian men protect a cowering Israeli policewoman in a photo showing a gesture of humanism. But protecting her from what? 

This striking photo went viral with the assumption that the men were shielding the officer from stones thrown by Israeli settlers. A report from the man pictured on the left suggests a more complicated situation. 

Israeli photographer Shaul Golan reportedly took the photo near the Israeli settlement of Aish Kodesh and the Palestinian village of Kusra. The United Nations considers the area occupied territory, under Palestinian civilian control. 

The man on the left is Zakaria Sadah, a Palestinian field worker for Rabbis for Human Rights. The organization said in a statement that religious Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian farmers on their way to their fields on Saturday. 

Tensions remain high between settlers and Palestinians following last month’s death of a Palestinian toddler in an arson attack.

Israeli police moved to arrest Palestinians after settlers claimed they’d thrown stones at them. In the confrontation that followed, police used stun guns, and the Palestinians threw rocks

The policewoman shown in the photo was caught in the middle, according to the account Sadah gave to Rabbis for Human Rights. She froze, and started to cry. As an Israeli soldier raised his gun toward Palestinians to protect the police officer, Sadah stepped in, along with the mayor of Kusra. 

They shouted “Don’t shoot!” at the soldiers, and walked the officer to the safety of the Israeli troops.

“Zakaria may very well have saved Palestinian lives, as another police officer was preparing to shoot,” Rabbis for Human Rights said in a statement. 

“I don’t care what people say or do. For me a person is a person. A life of a person is important,” Sadah told The Blaze.  

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