Buxom British Ghost May Just Be A Bust

Is there a ghost of a chance this photo is legit?
South West News Service

A British museum is scaring up publicity for a photo that purportedly shows the ghost of a buxom blonde.

However, at least one paranormal expert believes the sexy spook pic is just a bust.

The ghostly photo was taken in May at the Torquay Museum in Devon during an investigation by a group called Real Investigators of the Paranormal (RIP), according to South West News Service.

Although the photo was taken in the dark, some observers claim they can clearly see a blond woman in a low-cut blouse. The photo was taken in a museum exhibit made to look like an English farmhouse from 300 years ago.

"It appears to be a woman, and from the angle of the photograph, it looks like she is submerged into the floor, almost like she is below floor level," museum spokesperson Carl Smith told the Torquay Herald Express.

"We were very excited about the picture, as we were taking photos all over the place, and it wasn't until afterwards when we examined them more closely that we noticed it, which was quite spooky.

"There was no one else present when the photo was taken, so we are at a loss to explain it. It is a bit of a mystery, and there seems to be no other explanation."

Smith told South West News Service that the photo of the sexy spook has aroused a lot of interest since it was made public in July -- and it has coincided with an increase in strange goings-on, such as books suddenly flying off the shelves in the museum's shop.

Interest is so high that another paranormal investigation was held on Friday where a new haunting discovery was made: strange handprints inside the coffin of a mummified Egyptian 4-year-old, housed in a different room of the museum.

"During the night on the inside of the case, we saw what we believe were handprints on the inside. It was a pretty clear two fingers and a thumb." Smith said. "The case had not been opened for seven years and last time it was opened, it took seven men to open it. It was impossible for it to be opened by someone else."

While museum officials are happy to claim the place is spooked, paranormal investigator Ben Radford is haunted by the "lapse in critical thinking" taking place.

Radford said that just because museum officials claimed no one was in the room where the ghost photo was taken, doesn't mean that's a fact.

"You'd really need to get photos of everyone who was there to make sure there's not a match with the woman," Radford, the deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, told HuffPost.

Radford suspects the image of the woman is likely a glass reflection.

"There's lots of glass in museums and the people that took photos were there specifically looking for ghost photos, so there may be some confirmation bias going on here," he said.

Radford also questions the fingerprints in the mummy's coffin.

"I suspect the prints match the museum's curator or the person who put up the display," Radford said.

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