McDonald's Worker Feeds Man With Disabilities, Serves Us All Lesson In Kindness

The epitome of empathy.

A McDonald's worker's kind gesture was so much more than just good customer service. 

A photo shared by Facebook user Li Ting last week, shows an employee, from one of the fast food chain's stores in the Chaozhou Township of Taiwan, feeding a man, who is disabled. The social media user, who happened to be dining at the restaurant, was taken aback by the employee's kindness. 

"This guy did not discriminate against him because of his disability," the post read, according to a HuffPost translation. "Instead, he fed him the burger with heart and patience."

The McDonald's employee has been identified as a 19-year-old freshman at Meiho University who's been working at the restaurant for about two years, according to Liberty Times Net. When he saw the customer that day, the student took his order and delivered the food to the patron. Upon giving the customer the meal, the worker noticed that the man was disabled and decided to help him eat. 

The humble 19-year-old told his company that "customers are our friends," and he was merely doing what he was supposed to do, Liberty Times Net reported. 



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