Photo Of Cop Helping Man Who Was Hungry Shows Law Enforcement At Its Finest

"He reminded me that I chose the right career."

One cop didn't hesitate to help one man in his time of need. 

A photo shared by Philip Soukup of Savannah, Georgia, on Facebook late last month shows Cpl. Brandon Lord of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department kneeling next to a man who's sitting on the ground.

According to, Lord had received a call regarding the man, who was seen in the road. After learning the man was hungry, the corporal took it upon himself to get him food and water. 

"The police and all public safety members often work thankless jobs but they truly are heroes," Soukup wrote in his post. "I just felt the need to share some uplifting news when there is so much negativity in the world."

Soukup told The Huffington Post that the man had been struggling to walk. After Lord answered the call about the man, he immediately recognized that he needed help and found out that the man hadn't eaten all day but had been trying to catch the bus to Walmart. However, the man was repeatedly unsuccessful because he was too weak to get to a bus stop in time, reported. 

Concerned for the man's well-being, Lord was quick to take action. 

"The man was sitting on the sidewalk beside the car and then I saw the officer come from the store," Soukup told HuffPost, recalling Lord's gesture. "He had a bottle of water and what looked to be food in his hands.  He then knelt down beside the man, opened the bottle of water and handed it to him."

Lord bought pizza and water for the man, and chatted with him about music. The corporal ended up giving the man a ride to Walmart as well. 

Lord told that the simple interaction was a beautiful powerful to him.

"I helped him with food and drink and he helped me by making my day," he told the "He reminded me that I chose the right career." 

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