Photo Of Granny Hugging Dog On Reddit Is Just As Sweet As The Story Behind It

When we saw this photo of a grandmother hugging a dog on Reddit this afternoon, we had the normal reaction anyone else would: Awwwww!

photo of granny hugging dog

"My 88 year old granny and her best friend," the caption for the photo posted by Reddit user, Kathrine Lambert, read. Lambert told us the story behind the photo taken of her grandmother, Kathleen Newton, earlier this year.

"Milo is my grandmother's home health nurse's dog. She brings him by a lot and my grandmother just loves him to pieces, as with most dogs/people that walk through her front door. [Dogs] just seem to make her so happy; even if she's having a bad day, her face just lights up. She also plays ball with them and her physical therapist said it was a great way for her to get exercise.

About a year ago the doctors noticed that she had fluid build up in the space between her lungs and chest wall. [She] had to be admitted to the hospital to have the fluid drained [and] that went pretty well, [but] a few weeks later she went into kidney failure... We thought she wasn't going to make it then -- she almost didn't at one point. She completely surprised all of the doctors by making a pretty good recovery, although she is on 24-hour oxygen now.

Somewhere around September she fell and broke her ankle. The doctors said she wouldn't bounce back then and the stress would be what killed her. Well it didn't; she's still moving along every day. ... Her kidneys have started to fail again, so its only a matter of time, but we take every day as gift and do the best we can.

I hope this story makes people smile especially after what happened in Boston yesterday. Everyone could use a little 'aww' it their life today."

Definitely. And we're glad Grandma Newton has the love of her family and Milo to bring that sweet smile to her face.

(h/t Reddit)



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