Kids Who Just Met Become BFFs, Teach Us All A Lesson In Love

"All they saw was each other."

Updated on April 15, 2016: 5:55 p.m. EST

Everyone can learn a thing or two from these instant BFFs. 

A photo recently shared on Facebook by mother Ayanna Barrows of Randallstown, Maryland, shows her 3-year-old daughter, Cyrah, hugging 4-year-old Carson Kirk. According to the post, the Carson had run up to Cyrah while she and her mother were walking along Myrtle Beach. Soon enough, the two became good friends. 

Barrows wrote on Facebook that their instant bond, captured in the viral photo, reminds us all of an important lesson. 

"This is a moment that we humans understand as just simply seeing no color lines, no judgement, no race, no hate, no shades," Barrows wrote. "It's just pure -- two kids meeting on a sunset walk without a care in the world. All they saw was each other."

Barrows told The Huffington Post that she and her daughter went to Myrtle Beach as part of a bi-annual tradition between the two of them. While there, the 4-year-old showed Cyrah his special shark tooth necklace. 

During their adorable encounter, Barrows snapped the picture, with the permission of the boy's mother, however did not tell the two to pose. Barrows told HuffPost that the pair's natural reaction was just to show each other love. 

"I was amazed at how they smiled and hugged each other," she said. "It was surreal."

The mom explained that after a long hug and many goodbyes, the pair finally went their separate ways. The warm image that Barrows and Cyrah are now left with shows that sometimes, kids can be our biggest role models. 

"Sometimes we have to look to our children to see the simple things in life and just try to understand each other no matter the background," Barrows told HuffPost. 

The photo has not only received a great deal of attention on Barrows' Facebook page, but it's also generated even more praise after it was shared on the Love What Matters page. The mother, who didn't exchange contact information with the boy's family at the time, was able to reconnect with Carson's family on Thursday as the photo had reached them through social media. 

Sounds like the start to a beautiful forever friendship! 

UPDATE: The story has been updated with more information on Carson and his family. 



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