Photobomb Girl, Kelsey Whyte, Shares Photobombing Tips, Tricks In Reddit AMA (PHOTOS)

The secret to a successful night of photobombing? Have ugly face, be friends with the camera guy and "don't worry about the hate," according to Kelsey Whyte, aka "Photobomb Girl," who graciously shared her top photobombing tips with the Internet in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Monday.

On Sunday, a Reddit post called "Photobomb Girl has quite a lot of pictures at our local bar" was posted to the r/funny subreddit, linking to a slideshow at a local bar. The common denominator? The same, rubber-faced woman who appeared in the background of each picture.

Redditors quickly went to work to identify the face, which actually belonged to Whyte, a photographer from the Barrie, Ontario, area, according to the Daily Dot.

Whyte, 19, embraced her Internet notoriety on Twitter, Hypervocal notes.

When Reddit user "DrAstronaut" requested that “Photobomb Girl” do an AMA, Whyte was quick to oblige. On Monday, the teen answered any and all questions on subjects including her favorite color (All depends. Purple, Emerald Green or Pink, she said.), whether she had ever been photobombed (Yes), and tricks of her hilarious trade.

"Edoced" asked, "My simple question for you is this: Do you practice your faces or do you just whip up a random expression whenever you feel like it? Thanks!"

Whyte responded, "I just wip [sic] out an expression. I have done the same, ugly faces are easier then [sic] nice faces."

Another Reddit user, "LoweIQ," asked whether or not the people she photobombed ever got angry once they saw their pictures had been hijacked by a stranger.

"OK so either people hate my guts or love me," Whyte replied. "One time I was at a bar at school and this girl was like I recognize you... your [sic] the photobomb girl, Im like YA all happy but then she goes I HATE YOU."

So what did the photobomber do?

"10 minutes later a picture of her and all her friends was photobombed," she said.

If nothing else, Whyte's 15 minutes of Internet fame have earned her some enthusiastic Twitter fans.

@kelseywhytee Your pictures made my morning bearable. Thanks.

— Kyle Bajtos (@KyleBajtos) November 12, 2012

The only thing that would make this story better? A picture of Whyte with another notorious photobomber: this stingray.

View some of Kelsey Whyte's best photobombs in the slideshow above.