Photographer needs to be in there somewhere

Photographer needs to be in there somewhere
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No. 5 Michael Stepansky

"The photographer needs to be in there somewhere"

I think the best pictures are from our world, but not of it. For me, it's important that each picture be itself; that each can stand on its own.

© Michael Stepansky

I believe pictures should be based on more than the strength of their subject; different subjects require different approaches. Put differently, the photographer needs to be in there somewhere. To me variation keeps pictures interesting, and interest is what keeps emotional reflexes sharp and convinces anyone a picture is worth a few minutes of intellectual firepower.

© Michael Stepansky

Maybe most importantly, my work is based on the old cliche that good pictures are everywhere. I take inspiration from work that moves me and from the world as it is to the eye and the lens. I have the privilege to shoot what I like. Occasionally I get something good.

Michael Stepansky lives in Holliston, MA with his wife, the children's book author Jane Kohuth, his son Kameron, and his cat. He has participated in juried shows at the Danforth Museum, Griffin Museum of Photography, Darkroom Gallery, Photoplace Gallery, and Zullo Gallery, among other places. To see more of his work, visit his flickr.

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