Photographer Takes Cute Pics Of Babies As Itty-Bitty Disney Princesses And More Top Parenting Stories

Here is the biggest news for moms and dads from the last week.

From mini princesses to intimate photos, here is the biggest news for moms and dads from the last week. For more parenting news and first-person stories, visit HuffPost Parents or sign up for our newsletter.

A photographer has turned her lens to a group of babies she imagines as Disney royalty.

Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits took photos of six babies dressed as Disney princesses at her studio in Roseville, California. The mini princesses portrayed Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Jasmine from “Aladdin.”

Karen Marie, a mom of three who has done maternity and newborn photography for 11 years, told HuffPost she felt motivated to do the shoot because Disney has always been an important part of her life.

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London officials are apologizing after officers punished a 5-year-old girl for setting up a lemonade stand last week.

The girl was the daughter of André Spicer, a professor at the City University of London’s business school. In an essay for The Telegraph published Thursday, Spicer detailed the moment “four local council enforcement officers stormed up to her little table.”

An officer “read a lengthy legal statement ― the gist of which was that because my daughter didn’t have a trading permit, she would be fined [150 pounds],” Spicer wrote. In the U.S. that fine would amount to $194.93.

He wrote: “My daughter burst into tears, repeating again and again, ‘Have I done a bad thing?’”

Mom’s Heartbreaking Post Urges Parents To Teach Their Kids About Differences

Stacey Gagnon and her husband have six children, four of whom are adopted and have special needs. On Sunday, Gagnon shared a heartbreaking story on Facebook.

“Today hurt,” she began her post. Gagnon explained that her family went to a new church that day, and she brought her kids to a special area for children. As they entered the room, all of the other kids became quiet and stared or pointed at her 9-year-old son Joel, who was born with a craniofacial impairment and is missing an ear.

Gagnon wrote that she was not angry and did not think those children were bad or mean. They just hadn’t learned any better. So she issued a call to her fellow parents to teach their kids about the importance of embracing differences.

TLC Star Says He Experienced Postpartum Depression As A Dad

Postpartum depression often goes unrecognized and ignored in men. But one TLC star is hoping to break the silence around this topic.

Adam Busby and his wife, Danielle, are stars of the TLC docuseries “Outdaughtered,” which follows their adventures raising six young daughters ― including the first all-girl quintuplets in the U.S.

On the show, the dad has spoken about his emotional struggles after welcoming the quintuplets. On Tuesday, Busby opened up about his struggle with PPD on Twitter, in response to a tweet from a fan.

Photographer Natalie McCain has made headlines with her “Honest Body Project” ― a collection of intimate postpartum photos of mothers, along with powerful text captions about their experiences with parenthood and body image.

In her latest series for the project, McCain tackles a topic that mothers know all too well: shaming and judgment. “Speaking Out” features six moms who have experienced criticism for their bodies, relationships, parenting choices and more.

“People are so quick to judge and shame others without thinking twice about how it may make that person feel,” the photographer told HuffPost. “Words matter. They hurt. The women in this series are sharing their stories about being body shamed and judged for various reasons.” Click here to see more photos from the series.