Photographer's 'Robot Next Door' Series Is A Striking Look At Our Future

Or at least what it could be.

When we think about humans and robots comingling, it’s usually from a more heightened romantic or dystopian view. Rarely do we consider our possible cybernetic future as it relates to the humdrum of everyday life.

Nicolas Bigot, a digital photographer from Brittany, France, wants to show us what that might look like.

Bigot works in the area of surrealism. In one of his latest, more visually striking photo series, he focuses on how robotics and humans may one day merge.

“I try in this series to project myself into the intimacy of a daily life rooted in a world where the border between the human and the machine is blurred,” Bigot told HuffPost.

To create these illusions, Bigot first captures his models in the appropriate poses and scenery. He then physically builds the mechanical element of the photo using washing machine parts, pipes, electrical wires — whatever he can find. Bigot photographs these parts separately, in the same lighting and position as he did the models. Finally, the artist combines the imagery using digital software to create the photos you see below.

It will certainly make you ponder the future of the human body in our ever-advancing technological world.

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