Photographing Wendy Whelan In Restless Creature

Wendy Whelan & Brian Brooks

My wife Nel Shelby, a dance videographer, and I have been coming into rehearsals with longtime New York City Ballet dancer and international ballet superstar Wendy Whelan as she creates work with choreographers Alejandro Cerrudo (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago), Joshua Beamish (MOVE: the company), Brian Brooks (Brian Brooks Moving Company) and Kyle Abraham (Abraham.In.Motion), and we're over the moon about filming and photographing behind-the-scenes moments to preserve and promote these amazing collaborations.

Wendy Whelan & Joshua Beamish

After years of photographing and filming performances and rehearsals, Nel and I believe in the power of great dance documentation, but nothing compares to seeing Wendy Whelan perform live. She is captivating, enthralling, alluring -- I just can't describe how I feel when I watch her dance. It's simply incredible.

Wendy Whelan, Brian Brooks, Joshua Beamish, Kyle Abraham, Alejandro Cerrudo and Ella Baff at Works & Process at the Guggenheim Museum

When the artists showed what they've been working on to an audience at the Guggenheim's Works & Process performance series this month, I was photographing and Nel was filming. When the show came to a close, I looked over at Nel and she was crying.

There's just something about Wendy.

Wendy Whelan & Joshua Beamish

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