PHOTOS: 12 Money-Saving Tips From Couponing Expert Kathy Spencer

When Kathy Spencer's husband ended up in the hospital a few years ago, his absence from work and the mounting medical bills got Kathy thinking very seriously about ways to save money. And it was a simple purchase of a carton of juice with a coupon that led Kathy to the realization that with a well-planned strategy, she might actually be able to shop for free, all the time.

Today, she feeds her family of six - and their pets too – for an average of $4 a week. By stockpiling and carefully organizing coupons from drug stores, local newspapers, web sites, Facebook and even Twitter, she has found a variety of ways to virtually shop for free. And recently she shared some of her best advice on saving money and maximizing savings when she sat down for an interview on Mondays With Marlo.

Here are just a few of her top tips:

Coupon Tips

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