An East Side Story (Photos)

It's the classic image of a bustling New York. Packed downtown areas littered with suits and the oblivious tourist. On the Lower East side, however, a different story is being told.

There isn't really a true NY experience. As with most things in life, your reality is dependent on where you are and why you're there. This same city that has taken me to heights I could have never previously imagined, offers a completely different experience to others. There's no doubt that the city has a heartbeat. That heartbeat can seem frantic and unsettling in midtown, and at the same time peaceful and enchanting a bit further down. That's exactly what I encounter in LES. There's so much to see on the Lower East Side, but unlike many other areas, you have the space to roam and see it all. The city is always changing and it's great to walk around and capture sights in areas like the Lower East Side. It's even better to experience life there.

An East Side Story

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