16 Women Show What Pumping Means To Them

Proving breastfeeding is beautiful no matter how it happens.

The theme for this year's World Breastfeeding Week is "Breastfeeding and Work." While we know that all parents work tirelessly to take care of their bundles of joy, this year's theme highlights the moms who take breastfeeding on-the-go with pumping.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share, in one photo, what pumping has been like for them. Whether they're pumping at a wedding or in the car to work, these moms are making it work.

Brianna Perry

I pump in my "office" (a.k.a. my Toyota Sienna). Working full time as a school physical therapist in North Carolina, I have to drive from one school to the next, and find that I can save time by pumping while I drive (hands-free, of course). I usually wear a cover-up so other motorists don't freak out. I honestly dislike pumping, but I have seen the benefits of what breastfeeding for at least one year did for my oldest son (now almost 3), so I will do what I have to to make sure my youngest (now 9 months) gets the same benefit. Every time I pump, I experience D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex). It's an interesting phenomenon related to hormones that creates a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, and a wistful feeling every time I pump. It goes away after let-down. And I don't get the same feelings when I am actually nursing my baby.

Jeena Siela

My morning routine as a working breastfeeding mom: Pump, flat iron, and makeup all at once!

Corey Beth Gagliano

Here I am pumping at work, in the pumping rooms. Hospital grade pumps? Magazines? The best nutrition for my son? Bam.

Amber Cessac

We bought an extra freezer just for the milk.

Nadia Speiginer

I'm a night shift nurse, and pumping is sometimes a struggle. What's worse than not pumping is giving my son formula, since he gets super constipated and fussy with it. I'm glad I have a great pump that my boobs are receptive to.

Lacie Smith Groeninger

It's a team effort!

Micaela Sarazen

When my twins came home from the hospital I had to integrate the breast milk from the hospital into the TON I already had at home. They were born at 24 weeks and couldn't be put to breast until 35 weeks. For 11 weeks I pumped -- it was my outlet. If they were having a bad day, I went to the pump room, pulled the curtain and cried while I pumped. It was the only thing I could do. I went back to work before they even came home. They both nursed wonderfully for a whole year.

Cassaundra Kindle

This is me right before I headed to work, feeding and pumping one last time.

Liz Bullis

Pumping for me looks like parenting while pumping! I patiently hold hands with my littlest while pumping some liquid gold for her back-up stash. Hats off to exclusively pumping mamas and those that pump to donate!!

Allison Weihrauch

Pumping in the privacy room at work.

Sara Crawford Wilder
Pumping in the midst of bridesmaid duties. Hands free!
Julie Stromwall
Pumping for me is donating everything to my little surrogate babe I delivered 2 weeks ago!
Lauren Lee
Pumping in the news van while reporting at the scene... with the photographer editing in the back of the truck. Gotta make it work!
Nikki Butler

Spilled breastmilk on a bathroom floor after pumping in the bathroom.

Tammy Binnie

This is me expressing at work to keep up my supply. My son is now 19 months and a real boobie monster. Whatever he doesn't drink has been donated to mummies in need.

Joel & Angela
Pumping for twins means that apparently even the toddler knows how to use the pump, since it's out that frequently.

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