These 13 Photos Perfectly Illustrate What It's Like To Be A Parent On The Go

What does it mean to be a parent on the go? Don’t take it from us; take it from parents who have been there, done that, wiped that.

Is there ever a moment when a parent isn’t on the move? From late nights nursing newborns to early mornings shuttling pre-teens around town, parenthood is a marathon -- a messy, unpredictable marathon filled with off-the-charts cuteness, priceless mishaps and, of course, a whole lot of unexpected adventures (read: adventures we were completely unprepared for but loved anyway) along the way.

Don’t take it from us; take it from parents who have been there, done that, wiped that. We teamed up with Quaker to celebrate moms who are taking on the daily challenge of parenting like champs; together we asked mothers across the country to sum up what it means to be a “mom on the go.” Here are the photos they felt said it all.

Image: Whitney Moss/Rookie Moms

“I love using my car to its full capacity. But no, I cannot hear myself think.”

Image: Sheena Tatum/SophistiShe

"Trying to capture the perfect family photo when shenanigans ensue."

Image: Susie Johnson/Not Your Average Mom

"I'll be home in 10 minutes. I just have to stop at the store to pick up some powdered sugar. We ran out today."

Image: Kira/Afropolitan Mom

"When you leave the playroom for a minute and come back to these."

Image: Bailey Gaddis/Feng Shui Mommy

I thought I could help you reorganize these note cards for that ‘really important’ speech you’ll be giving.

Image: Adanna Dill/Rattles & Heels

"To me [being a] mom on the go means exploring a big world with little people."

Image: Ashley Marshall-Sewald/Mommy Week

“I like to describe my life as organized chaos. There's never any time for boredom when you're staying busy with the people you love!”

Image: Christine Koh/Boston Mamas

“A hectic day punctuated by stress and deadlines and running from place to place can be totally turned around at school pickup, when your 4-year-old presents you with a drawing that makes you want to cry from the cuteness. #truestory.”

Image: Susie Johnson/Not Your Average Mom

"We're just going to throw clean clothes on and we'll be right over."

Image: Meredith/MommyAtoZ

"Need [a container] for that on-the-go snack? Just stick your toddler on the case."

Image: LaShawn Wiltz/Everyday Eyecandy

"[Having the] day off from school means a day spent together balancing working, playing and ‘us time,’ of course."

Image: Mimi Scarlett/Unlikely Martha

“As a mom on the go I strongly discourage car naps -- they totally sabotage bedtime. Somehow when I'm driving she always finds a way to take one!”

Image: Bailey Gaddis/Feng Shui Mommy

“My other outfit is a [stain-free] designer wrap dress with 3-inch heels. Just kidding. My other outfit is a pair of yoga pants and a 14-year-old T-shirt.”

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