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The Latest Photos As Protests Continue Over George Floyd's Death

Unrest grips the country with demonstrators demanding justice over the police killing.

Protests continued over the weekend after the police killing of George Floyd, a Black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis on May 25.

Some photos from around the country show protestors peacefully demonstrating, demanding justice for Floyd’s death. Other photos show fires that destroyed a police stationhouse, smashed storefronts, and police deploying brutal tactics against demonstrators.

See the latest photos from the protests below. 

People in Minneapolis run as police disperse demonstrators during a protest amid nationwide unrest on May 31. 

A protester holds a sign reading “Stop Killing Us” during a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York, on May 31. 

Police standby as demonstrators block a roadway while protesting on May 31 in Miami.

Demonstrators vandalize a car on May 31 near the White House in Washington, D.C.

Two people run away after police used tear gas during a demonstration on May 31 in Atlanta.

A woman with “BLM” (“Black Lives Matter”) written on her cheek poses for a picture during a demonstration on May 31 in Atlanta.

People show their support for a Black Lives Matter march as it passes on May 31 in Tampa, Florida. 

Demonstrators pray during a march on May 31 in Atlanta.

Demonstrators on May 31 in Washington, D.C. 

Demonstrators march on I-35 on May 31 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett hugs a demonstrator during a gathering on May 31 in Bellevue, Washington. 

Members of California National Guard stand outside City Hall on May 31 in Los Angeles.

A woman protests the death of George Floyd in New Orleans on May 30. 

A protester poses with the statue of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. as people rally against the death of George Floyd in New York City on May 30.  

A police officer appears prepared to pepper spray protesters in Brooklyn on May 30. 

Protestors stand on top of a burnt police car on May 30 in Los Angeles.

Protestors demonstrate on University Avenue while holding a “WE CAN’T BREATHE” sign and wearing protective masks, on May 28, in St. Paul.

Protestors demonstrate outside of a burning fast food restaurant on May 29 in Minneapolis.

A protestor takes a picture of a demonstration from the roof of the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct on May 28. 

Protestors set a shop on fire on May 28 during the third day of protests.

A police officer aims a tear gas gun at protesters on May 28 in St. Paul.

Alex Conway, left, and Bekka Koch hold signs outside the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct on May 28.

A protester confronts a police officer while standing on a destroyed cruiser on May 28 in St. Paul.

A protestor douses her face with milk after being exposed to tear gas fired by police on May 28 in St. Paul. 

A protestor faces off with two police officers using less-lethal ammunition in their weapons on May 28 in St. Paul. 

A man rides a bicycle past a burned out building after a night of protests and violence on May 29 in Minneapolis.

A group of protesters gather outside the home of Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman on May 28 in Minneapolis.

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