PHOTOS: Sexy Grandma Ads Feature Innuendos And Plenty Of Spice

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go ... but my, how Grandma has changed!

A new ad campaign for Crosby's molasses of Saint John, News Brunswick, Canada, features innuendos about "Grandma's muffin" and "ample rack," pairing rosy-faced nannas with slogans like, "all the men in town would do anything to get in grandma's pantry."

I suppose these ladies' sauciness is reminiscent of Betty White's "I'm Still Hot" video, and evidence of a general trend toward (finally) recognizing the inherent coolness of over-70 set. What I can't decide is whether these ads are mocking older women's sexuality or celebrating it. Is the message, "Go, Grandma -- of course you're sexy" or "How funny -- as if anyone would ever really want entrance to 'grandma's pantry.'" And if the Crosby's ads are wrong, what makes Betty's rap video, complete with references to her "cheesecake," feel oh-so-right? What's your read?

PHOTOS: Crosby's Fancy Molasses "Grandma Fancy" Ads

Grandma Gets Spicy

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