Photos Show Workers Around The Country Striking For $15 Minimum Wage

People are asking for a livable wage.

The fight to raise the minimum wage intensified Tuesday as workers across the country protested for $15 per hour. 

Workers joined Fight for 15, a union-backed campaign, to make their voices heard from New York to California.

The protests have so far contributed to two victories. On Tuesday, the state of New York and the city of Pittsburgh both announced plans raise their minimum wage to $15.

Check out photos from some of the most momentous rallies:

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Brooklyn, New York:

Laguna, California:

San Diego, California:

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Huntington, West Virginia:

Orlando, Florida:

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San Francisco, California:

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

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Las Vegas, Nevada:

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Youngstown, Ohio:

Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Knoxville, Tennessee:

Harlem, New York:

Los Angeles, California:

Jacksonville, Florida: