27 Photos That Sum Up Trying To Work From Home With Pets

We can agree that dogs and cats are the cutest distractions.

When you’re working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, your pets become your de facto co-workers.

Rarely do they abide by the office rules, but, hey, you let it slide because who could stay mad at those sweet little faces?

You can count on your cat to lie on your keyboard when you’re trying to meet a deadline or knock over your coffee mug before you’ve taken a sip. Inevitably, your puppy will chew on your computer charger, bark incessantly during Zoom calls or give you a not-so-subtle nudge when it’s time to play. But heck, we love them anyway.

We asked HuffPost readers to show what working from home with pets looks like in their house. Check out their photos below:

Betsy C.
"These are two of my four micromanagers. Pyro and Moxie come and interrupt my work at 4:30 p.m. every day." — Betsy C.
Sarah W.
"When your co-worker doesn't understand personal space." — Sarah W.
Heather F.S.
"I like to play with squeaky toys when people have Zoom calls." — Heather F.S.
Michelle P.
"Bueno decided that sleep was more important than work." — Michelle P.
Shelly G.
"My new supervisor." — Shelly G.
Shaun M.
"My co-worker won’t stay in her own cubicle." — Shaun M.
Rebecca K.
"Day 13 working from home: Friday inspection. Outcome is satisfactory but could be improved by providing more treats and head rubs." — Rebecca K.
Amanda K.
"Our 75-pound golden retriever Oscar jumping between me and my work laptop to look out the window. 'You can see our yearly revenue growth has....SQUIRREL!'" — Amanda K.
Patricia J.
“When will it be play time??” — Patricia J.
Tanya P.
"My co-worker likes to sit in the paper recycling bin and sometimes rip it apart, chew it and spit it on my feet while I work." — Tanya P.
Ashley R.
"The great thing about WFH is that your co-workers double as back rests." — Ashley R.
Hilda Cristina H.
"This is my husky mix, Willow. She joins me as I teach from home, but she's a challenging student. She comes and goes as she pleases, never participates when I call on her, and interrupts the class to warn me of turkeys in the backyard, the mailman or just to get attention." — Hilda Cristina H.
"Aside from routinely stealing my chair whenever I get up, Bobbi likes to block the keyboard, cover paperwork, hold my hand down from moving, attack the computer screen and occasionally 'pretend to vomit' to get my attention — but can you blame her?" — S.W.
Shea C.H.
"My supervisors, Boomer and Phoenix, taking a much-needed break. It’s a hard-knock life for us!" — Shea C.H.
Caitlin B.
"Every now and then, when I have a slow morning, I'll sit on the couch while I respond to emails. My extraordinarily snuggly and tolerant pit-mix always joins me. I turned him into Customer Service Doggo, and he is the best co-worker I've ever had." — Caitlin B.
Catherine T.
"This is Trex. He tries very hard to be a good and patient boy all day. This is the look I get at 5:01 p.m. and he's ready to play ball NOW." — Catherine T.
Nina A.
"Look! I'm helping." — Nina A.
Darcie W.
"We just rescued these two beauties and brought them home. They both try to crowd under my desk at my feet so I can't even move my chair under my desk. So much for work!" — Darcie W.
Lisa R.
"My boy decides when I can use my hand for my mouse, or if he needs scratches." — Lisa R.
Melanie N.
"I think my spreadsheet confuses her." — Melanie N.
Amanda J.
"This is Orion, the beagle. Steals my AirPods and unapologetically sits on them under my desk while I’m working." — Amanda J.
Susan S.
"Dash, aka Mr. Meowmers, ready for his Zoom meeting." — Susan S.
Danielle A.
"This is my personal assistant, Zephi. Sometimes I ask her to screen my calls while I'm at lunch." — Danielle A.
Trish T.
"Endless conference calls are good for Riley’s insomnia." — Trish T.
Tracy A.
"I have zero leg room under my desk!" — Tracy A.
Mandy B.
"Leche likes to stay close for good company. Sometimes he just stares and judges while we work." — Mandy B.
Francesca L.
“Naps are essential to productivity. Naps all day." — Francesca L.

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