Heartbroken Dad Asks Reddit To Transform His Son's Photo, Immediately Gets His Wish

Reddit has won our hearts yet again.

About a month after Redditors helped a grieving dad Photoshop a picture of his infant daughter, the online community has rallied once more to help another parent with a similar request.

“My son passed away a few years ago after two short weeks in the hospital and I have no pictures of him without all of the tubes,” user Jstefut wrote on the social news site on Wednesday. “I saw a father make this same post and was amazed by the response. If anyone can remove the tubes from this photo, I would be extremely grateful.”

Several Redditors immediately rose to the challenge. Within a few shorts hours, the Redditor saw his wish fulfilled.

The Photoshopped image above, created by Reddit user William Gates, has been the favorite so far. "I simply saw an opportunity to help someone and took it," Gates told the Daily Dot, adding that he's fulfilled several Photoshop requests from Redditors in the past.

In a follow-up post Wednesday, Jstefut, who claims to have never used Reddit before this request, thanked the online community for its efforts and thoughtfulness.

“To everyone on here, I want to thank you for the kind words and for all the different pictures you've made,” he wrote. “It's so great to see a community just taking time out of there [sic] day to help someone else and show them love. I've tried to thank message everyone who's made a pic so far personally, but if I've missed you so far just know I appreciate you and I will try to talk to you soon.”

“Everyone, just try to surround yourself with love,” Jstefut concluded.

Last month, Nathen Steffel asked Reddit community members if they could help Photoshop a picture of his late daughter, who had died after a long battle in the hospital.

“Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?" Steffel asked.

Reddit gladly obliged, and the result -- as it is in Jstefut's case -- was astounding. "I was emotionally taken back by all the support and personal messages from families who shared a similar experience of grief," Steffel told The Huffington Post at the time.

Oh, Reddit. Sometimes you really knock it out of the park.

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